Call for Game Trail Association Board of Directors Candidates

Hello Game Trail Owner The Nominating Committee is charged with nominating one GTA Member for each vacancy on the Board of Directors.  At the annual meeting in September, there will be one opening for a 3-year term and one opening for a 1-year term to be filled.  Under Rules and Regulations #2004-01, GTA members may Read More >

Game Trail Roads Equipment Vote Notice

April 18, 2023 The purpose of this notice is to provide important background to an upcoming Game Trail ballot measure. Game Trail is in the process of transitioning our Roads Maintenance service. Our longtime provider of road maintenance service, Steve Miles of Miles Construction, has retired and is dissolving his company. Early this year, the Read More >

New Game Trail Rules and Regulations in Compliance with the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA)

In June of last year, the State of Colorado passed a new law that affects all the “common interest communities” in the State including our HOA. The Bill aims to provide protection for owners within homeowner associations and amends the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA).   Enclosed for your review are the new Game Read More >

Town Hall Meeting Follow-up Information

On October 22, 2022, the Strategic Planning Committee presented a proposed Strategic Plan for the Game Trail community at a Town Hall meeting. The Strategic Plan includes their recommendations to the Board of Directors on what the most important current and future priorities are and the course of action to address them. The plan will Read More >

Game Trail 20-Acre Wildfire Fuel-Break Update and Volunteers Request

Are you concerned about wildfire risk and glad there is now a substantial fuel-break on the western half of Game Trail? Do you love a healthy forest and appreciate any steps taken to improve tree health and wildlife habitat? Are you looking for free or low-cost firewood? Would you like Game Trail to be awarded Read More >