Call for Game Trail Association Board of Directors Candidates

Hello Game Trail Owner

The Nominating Committee is charged with nominating one GTA Member for each vacancy on the Board of Directors.  At the annual meeting in September, there will be one opening for a 3-year term and one opening for a 1-year term to be filled. 

Under Rules and Regulations #2004-01, GTA members may also directly nominate candidates to be included on the election ballot.  Nominations must be submitted in writing, must be signed by the Member making the nomination, must be signed by a separate Member seconding the nomination, and must be signed by the nominee signifying his/her willingness to serve, if elected.  Although a specific form is not required, a sample form for this purpose can be obtained from the GTA office or on the Game Trail website.  Go to: – Forms & Links – GTA Board Nomination Form.

Information to include to nominate a candidate:

                  Game Trail address
                  Filing and Lot number
                  Phone number

Nominations should be sent to:       
Game Trail Association
P.O. Box 4110
Buena Vista, CO 81211

The Finance and Administrative Assistant will ensure the eligibility of all nominees (Game Trail Association Bylaws, Article V, paragraph B).

Nominations must be received by no later than Thursday, June 15.

Thank you.

Anna Hargis
Nominating Committee Chair