We Appreciate Our Volunteers!

Whether you’re a full timer or a part timer, if you have a desire to get to know fellow Game Trailers and give a small amount or a large amount of your time, we have a place for you!  Contact us at communications@gametrailassn.org and we can answer your questions and point you in the direction that fits.

Thank you to the following for giving their time this year:

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: John Jacobson, Carla Seyler, Cindy Waskom, Don Caskey and Cam Torres


Architectural Control – Larry Gleeson and Bill Silvestri, with Richard Kiteley, Jim Matocha, Jurgen Mohr, Ed Simmons, Theresa Ulrich 

Commons – Todd Allen and Jack Bell, with Don Caskey, John Gladden, Jack Litvay, Rick Reese, Carla Seyler, Steve Vittum.  Volunteers are needed.

Communications – Linda Craig, with Jerri Caskey, Larry Gleeson, Nancy Kirkland, Loretta Kyle, Paul Lang, Carolee Litvay, Debbie Matocha, Jack McKenzie

Finance – Chair Position Vacant, with Brian Erickson, Bill Waldorf

Forestry – Fred Balmos, with Kari Allen, Dennis Billings, Dana Braatz, Frank Campbell, Gary Craig, Margaret Fernandes, Paul Lang, Jack Litvay, Tom McCorkell, Bill Silvestri, Mary Silvestri, Judy Wait, Mark Winter 

Nominations – Chair Position Vacant, Ann Jackson, Debbie Matocha, Mary Silvestri

Roads – Dave Nelson, with Joe Redetzke, Cal Banning, Rick Reese 

Short Term Rental – Jan Johnson

Water – Sandy Long, Jann Hopp, Ed Butler, Don Caskey, Walt Lafford, Bob Pierron. Volunteers are needed.

ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING AND PICNIC:  Clare Tarcha and Jill Leneweaver 

ANNUAL HOME TOUR:  Jan Pierron, with Cheryl Cormaci, Jeannette Lang and Carla Seyler

MOWERS OF COMMON AREA:  Jack Bell, Gary Craig

NOXIOUS WEEDS:  Barbara Meinecke 

ROAD CLOSURE CREW FOR GREAT PEAKS RESEALING:  Dennis Billings, Jurgen Mohr, Ken Lant, Julie Diaz, Mark Bennett, Laura Wagner, Fred Balmos, John Jacobson, Don Eschelman, Roger Ezell, Steve Vittum, Vic Kuklin, Denny Witte, Todd Allen, Rick Reese, Tommy Martin, Bob Schork, Doug Seewoester, Gary Craig, Linda Craig, Cal Banning, Roger Ezell, Carla Seyler