Chaffee Treats Program Update

Chaffee Treats is a new grant-funded fire mitigation program. The program, seated in the Chaffee County Community Wildfire Protection Plan, identifies landowners who are interested in having grant-funded forest mitigation work done on their property. The goal is to improve our forest’s health and wildfire protection as well as protecting our neighbors. Reducing wildfire risk is a priority many of us share, as evident in Game Trail’s enthusiastic response to the Chaffee Treats program. On December 1, Game Trail submitted Landowner Assessment Field Notes forms from:

· 121 property owners,
· representing 137 lots, and
· totaling 364 acres.

Those forms are now in the hands of Ben Brack, Chaffee Treats coordinator. The next step is for the Envision Chaffee County Forest Health Council to identify 2000 acres throughout northern Chaffee County to include in the grant proposal due in March 2021. We will keep you posted as we learn which Game Trail lots have been selected and other developments.

Details are available through the following links:

Initial email message to Game Trail Owners

Chaffee Treats Flyer

Chaffee Treats FAQs for GTA

Landowner Assessment Field Notes