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ALERT: Fire in Dumpster in Game Trail - Oct 31, 2014

On Friday October 31st between 6:00 and 7:00 AM a fire started in one of the dumpsters. The fire was producing a lot of smoke but no flames. A resident called 911, a sheriff’s deputy and 3 fire trucks responded. The fire was quickly extinguished. No cause was determined but it was probably something in someone’s trash that they dropped off on the way to town.
This should serve as a reminder for all of Game Trail to be careful with our trash. Ashes from a fireplace should always be at least 24 hours old before being place in the dumpster. The ideal solution for ashes is to place them in a metal garbage can for a day or two before they are discarded.

For Chaffee County: www.chaffeesheriff.org/fire-restrictions.
For San Isabel National Forest: www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/psicc/alerts-notices.  

The water committee would like to request homeowners help with maintaining a reliable water supply. This involves those snow birds that leave GT for the winter and like to turn their water off at the street. Because we have had problems over the past with valves not being operated correctly we ask that homeowners no longer turn their water off at the street without assistance from someone on the water committee. In most cases it is unnecessary to turn off the street valve but if you must please check with the water committee first, the valve is your property but we would like to insure that it is operated properly. The same request goes for turning the water supply back on in the spring. This past year GT lost about a million gallons of water due to improper valve operation.
Thank You in advance for your cooperation.
Walt Lafford
GT Water Committee

The September Newsletter is available by clicking on GTA News and Events at the top of this page, then click on Newsletters on the lift side of that page. (posted 9/25/13)

NOTICE: Jan Johnson is the GTA Financial and Administrative Assistant.  Her phone number is 719-395-2742 or you can reach her by email at (For a short time please use jan@chaffee.net to contact Jan) GTAAdmin@gametrailassn.org.  If you need to drop anything off for GTA or meet with Jan for any reason, just give her a call.  Our mailing address remain the same as in the past, Game Trail Association, Inc. P.O. Box 4110 Buena Vista, Colorado 81211.  The GTA office has been permanently closed.

Learn about The Ins and Outs of Game Trail Roads by Clicking here

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General Information:
Game Trail Association is the Homeowners' Association that is responsible for the maintenance of the common property in Game Trail, a Colorado Mountain Community.  Located on the east side of the Sawatch Mountain Range of the Continental Divide in the Upper Arkansas River Valley just northwest of the Town of Buena Vista, Game Trail enjoys temperate weather with a wide range of outdoor recreation to enjoy in every one of the four seasons.  The elevation of Game Trail provides unmatched views of the valley and the surrounding mountains. Check out the Image Gallery for pictures of the scenery, Game Trail life, and local wildlife.

To protect the elk migration patterns in the Upper Arkansas Valley, a section of Game Trail is an elk preserve with an elk corridor where no development will occur.  The 300-400 elk that winter in the valley can find refuge in Game Trail while foraging in the meadows and enjoying the winter sun.

Information about living in the Game Trail community is concisely presented in the pamphlet below.

Living in Game Trail Pamphlet

Information about the Buena Vista community can be found by exploring the community links 
to other websites not affiliated with Game Trail.

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